Hosting Services

Wilmington Vacation Homes is pleased to announce that we’re now offering our proprietary cleaning, customer service, and short term rental hosting services to those with short term rentals. Over many years of managing our own short term rentals at Wilmington Vacation Homes, we have discovered the secret to getting great reviews: simply satisfying customers. This is easily said but is difficult to do. The level of service, the speed of service, and the level of cleaning necessary to receive consistent five star reviews is tremendous. 

We discovered that contracting out our maintenance, cleaning, and customer service yielded inconsistent results, so we brought it all in house. We’ve spent years fine tuning our rentals to get the happiest guests and the highest ratings, which includes having full time dedicated staff, building our own in-house industrial laundry center, lightning fast customer service, and a willingness to go above and beyond. Now we’re ready to start offering our services to other owners and managers of short term rentals who want to satisfy their most demanding guests and increase their ROI. 

Services Provided

Jazz Clean

  • Cleaning
  • Stocking
  • Maintenance as needed (for a fee)
  • $135 for a one bedroom/one bathroom unit
  • $20 per additional bedroom
  • $25 per additional bathroom

Complete Jazz Listing

  • Jazz Clean
  • Listing on major platforms
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • 24/7 Management
  • Maintenance as needed (for a fee)
  • Guest disputes resolution and damage recovery
  • Jazz Clean plus 20% of listing charge (excluding Jazz clean fees, taxes and listing fees)

The Jazz Clean

The first service we offer is the “Jazz Clean.” This is our cleaning and maintenance service, which helps you keep your short term rental clean and stocked for your guests, and gives you peace of mind because your rental is thoroughly assessed between guests for damages and maintenance issues, and any maintenance issues are quickly resolved. This helps you keep your guests happy and your ratings high.

We supply our own bright white linens and towels, which we launder in-house at our state of the art laundry facility in Downtown Wilmington. We also stock our signature soaps and toiletries, and consumables like snacks, bottled water, coffee, decaf, tea, creamer, paper goods, and cleaning supplies.

When the guest checks out, we send in our representative who cleans the rental, restocks consumables, notes any maintenance issues, and assesses for any guest damages with photos. After the cleaning is complete, we set a new door code (as desired) and alert the owner or customer service representative that the rental is ready for the next guest.

This service starts at $135 for a one bedroom/ one bathroom unit. Additional bedrooms are $20/each. Additional bathrooms are $25/each.

We also offer an optional monthly maintenance and pest control plan. Everyone in Wilmington knows that Palmetto Bugs are a common fixture in the south, but they are easy to confuse with cockroaches, and that can be upsetting for guests. With the maintenance plan, our maintenance engineer and the pest control specialist enter the unit together. The maintenance engineer will check for issues and replace air filters and any burnt out lightbulbs, and the pest control specialist will treat the home for pests.

The maintenance and pest control plan is $75/ month.

Should there be any maintenance issues that need repair, our full-time maintenance engineer can fix most minor and many not-so-minor issues right away. The first visit is $85 and work is carried out at $125/hr plus material costs.

Complete Jazz Listing

This offering is for home and condo owners who want to generate income from their rental but don’t have the time or desire to book guests, arrange cleaning, arrange maintenance, and deal with a multitude of issues that come with running a short term rental. With the Complete Jazz Listing, you won’t need to do anything with your listing. If your home is listed with us, it will get all the service that our units get and will be indistinguishable from Wilmington Vacation Home owned properties.

With this, we list your rental on, AirBnb, and VRBO. We’ll prepare the listing and photography (photography has a small fee). You get the benefit of our algorithmic price listing, which helps us stay aware of market changes, special events, and fluctuations in tourism so you can get the most rentals at the best price. Your unit will also get marketed by the local company we use for social media and marketing. We are constantly growing our client base and our goal is to have 60% repeat customers by 2025!

Your listing comes with extremely fast customer service as well. If a customer has an issue or a question, they will get a response in as little as seconds and often not longer than 5 minutes. Our property manager is local and takes great pride in providing the best possible customer service. The guest will receive a welcome message, instructions for how to check in including a video or pictorial, a message after their first night to see if they need anything, and if the unit is vacant after their last scheduled night, they get a message asking if they’d like to extend their stay at a discount price.

Your listing also receives the premium Jazz Clean treatment and maintenance/pest control plan so you have nothing to worry about. That means your unit will be fully stocked with linens, towels, snacks, water, coffee, paper products, cleaning products, and a first aid kit. We don’t ask guests to clean before leaving the unit — that’s our job. So they don’t have to worry about stripping the beds, taking out the trash, or any of the other inconveniences that come with some short term rentals. We take great care to make the rental look exactly like the photos so the guest knows exactly what they’re walking into. We will personally check the unit on the day that a guest is going to check in to make sure everything is just right.

We also include our deluxe Welcome Book, which has tons of options within walking and/or a short driving distance to restaurants including options for those with dietary restrictions, night life, shopping, beach trips, things to do, historical sightseeing, cool biking routes around Wilmington, and more. The Welcome Book is from the perspective of a local, so it also includes what’s good and why, and helps your guest get the most out of their travel experience. In addition, we will leave information about local realtors and construction companies for the guests that are preparing to move to Wilmington.

We set the check-in time as 4 pm for guests, but we make it our personal goal to have all rentals ready for check-in by 3 pm. As soon as the rental is cleaned and the door code is reset, the guest receives a message letting them know they may check in at any time, and this service is greatly appreciated by our guests.

This full listing service is only 20% of the listing income after the Jazz Clean fee and applicable listing fees. There is no fee to list on Wilmington Vacation Homes, and small fees for Airbnb and VRBO.

If you want to get the most out of your rental, happy guests, and high ratings, look no further than Wilmington Vacations Homes and our Jazz Clean and Listing services.

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