The Best Wedding Party Accommodations in Downtown Wilmington

Exterior of Front Street condos, perfect for hosting a bridal party in Downtown Wilmington, NC

Whether you’re the bride or the wedding planner, you know that wedding party accommodations are one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding. Proximity to the venue, friends, and family has an immense impact on the overall experience. So, wouldn’t it be great to have the entire wedding party staying in the same home with their own space and privacy?

The Best Beach to Visit While in Wilmington, NC

wrightsville beach aerial image

While you’re enjoying your stay at Wilmington Vacation Homes, there’s a good chance that you’re bound for a beach visit. The two closest options are Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. Which one do you choose? Wrightsville Beach Wrightsville Beach is approximately a 15-minute drive from Downtown. Locals feel like this beach is the more cosmopolitan […]