Planning a Family Vacation or Reunion in Wilmington, NC?
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Wilmington Vacation Homes

Experience the perfect getaway in Wilmington with our exceptional vacation homes. At Wilmington Vacation Homes, we specialize in providing top-notch hosting and rental accommodations, ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Planning a Family Vacation or Reunion in Wilmington, NC?

Wilmington Vacation Homes has many accommodations perfect for your next family vacation or reunion. Whether you’re looking for a multi-bedroom home to share with just the kids, or multiple adjoining apartments and flats to bring the entire extended family together — we have the perfect space for you.

Accommodations for Families Looking to Stay Together

We offer several 3-bedroom properties that can fit your family, allowing everyone to stay together while having adequate space for family fun and games.

Some of our 3-bedroom properties are:

Cozy Blue Bungalow
The Palm
Greenfield Gathering Place

outdoor wooden patio with chairs Wilmington Vacation Homes
Patio seating at Greenfield Gathering Place

Accommodations for Extended Family Gatherings

If you’re in need of a central location to accommodate a large extended family gathering, check out our Front St. Condos. There are 5 separate one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments in the building, each with its own private parking spot — almost unheard of in Downtown Wilmington! There are several spacious common areas that guests can share to socialize, such as the large wrap-around front porch, the second-story balcony, and a shady garden lounge.

second story balcony porch with chairs, rugs, and coffee table overlooking downtown street Wilmington Vacation Homes
Balcony Porch connecting the Front Street Condos

Units available at this property include:

You can read more about the Front Street Condos in our latest blog.

Some families prefer to have a little more space so that everyone can explore on their own and come together for meals and activities. For these families, we can provide a variety of apartments that are near one another but not too close.

Here are some of our duplexes and neighboring properties:

Our Worst Place & Urban Oasis (neighbors The Palm)
Garden District Flat & N’awlins House

Property Highlight: The Garden Homes

lush outdoor garden walkway with fountains and chairs Wilmington Vacation Homes
Lush gardens outside the Garden Homes

If your family reunion is a little smaller, we have several side-by-side duplexes like the Garden Homes. The garden homes include Ada’s Midtown Garden & the Relaxing Zen Garden.

Each unit is a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home accommodating up to 4 people. This relaxing duplex has a lovely yard with a stone patio, water features, and beautiful plants and flowers. Located in central Wilmington, the Garden Home is only moments from shopping, movie theaters, the bike trail, and a grocery store, and is located conveniently in between Wrightsville Beach and Downtown.

Discounts are available for multiple unit reservations.


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