What the Heck is the Wilmington Vacation Homes “Business Initiative?”
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What the Heck is the Wilmington Vacation Homes “Business Initiative?”

First off, it’s an extension of our Neighborhood Initiative, and both initiatives are in place to bring our guests closer to our community in Wilmington. Many of our guests drive from Charlotte or Raleigh for a family beach vacation or romantic getaway. Or they are Yankees (like some of us at WVH!) from NY stopping by on their way to or from Florida. Some fall in love with Wilmington after attending a wedding and decide to return. Or they are looking to move to Wilmington and are in town to view properties. 

Whatever the reason they choose to visit the first time, our guests choose to return again because they feel like they belong here. Our guests choose us for our community feel, not for big attractions like Disneyland, though Jungle Rapids is pretty cool! We want them to consider Wilmington for their next “local vacation” or even as a potential place to settle. That’s where our Business Initiative comes in.

Our Business Initiative is focused on fostering good relationships between our guests and our community members. Our guests get the benefit of having trusted recommendations and experience what makes Wilmington unique. Our local businesses get the benefit of having new customers who may not have known to visit them otherwise. When you foster community-based relationships, everyone wins. 

For example, when it’s time to give repeat guests a gift, we don’t give them a bottle of wine from SAM’s Club or a Starbucks gift card. We showcase what we love about Wilmington by offering a Hidden Grounds or Concord Espresso Bar gift card, or maybe a surf lesson at Tony’s or a Flaming Amy’s Burrito gift card. When buying art, we start at David Bryant’s Gallery and tell our guests why we love David (and that he looks like Jerry Garcia!). We tell them about the local farmer’s market and how the Wilmington Sax Quartet plays there, which includes one of our owners, Curt. It also allows us as a business to invest our money right here in our own community.

Additionally, we created a section in our Welcome Books that has info on trusted local businesses, like realtors, plumbers, electricians, and various services. When our guests are visiting because they are trying to buy a property, it’s really useful to have a convenient list of trusted professionals, and it reinforces the feeling of community because our guests can meet people they need to know right away.

Like our own business, the Business Initiative is a seedling. It’s a growing idea and through our active involvement and cooperation with organizations like the DBA (Downtown Business Alliance) and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, we are very excited to nurture that seedling so it can grow as tall and strong as a Live Oak. 

We help guests feel at home in their new town by introducing them to local businesses and attractions. By supporting local businesses and offering gift cards, we ensure our guests have an authentic and welcoming experience.


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