Top Reasons to Invest in Short-Term Rental Properties
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Top Reasons to Invest in Short-Term Rental Properties

Wilmington is a unique area because it’s a true destination. Unlike most major cities on the east coast located off of I-95 including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, or Savannah, Wilmington is not on the way to any other city due to its geographical location and the way it protrudes off the coast. Travelers on an east coast road trip choosing stopping points will often select a hotel on the route due to the ease and quickness of booking, and continue on their path the next day.

Why Stay in Wilmington, NC?

Wilmington is different because everyone who comes here has chosen to come here for work or vacation, and no one is just “passing through.” As such, travelers coming to Wilmington see it as a destination and not a place to land for one night and they are more likely to take the time to find a short-term rental for a better experience.

Unique features of the area draw tourists in and keep them returning year after year. Not only can you swim and fish in saltwater, but a short distance away are freshwater rivers and tributaries. There are a number of very attractive waterfront properties throughout the area. There’s also a thriving historic downtown that brings people in with restaurants, nightlife, architecture, and the historic allure of ghosts, pirates, and seafarers.

Why Stay in a Short-Term Rental?

For a family or group of friends on vacation, a short-term rental is a superior option because it has a kitchen, a home-away-from-home environment, and allows large groups to stay in a larger, communal place instead of separate closed-off hotel rooms. Wilmington is the ideal vacation spot for nearby cities like Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Jacksonville because it’s only a 1.5-3.5 hour drive, and it is the closest ocean destination with multiple beautiful beaches and great entertainment options.

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Investors are wise to choose Wilmington for their short-term rental properties because the many types of waterfront and historic buildings create an artificially elevated per-night cost in the entire region.

Wilmington is also home to large headquarters such as PPD which brings repeat customers, the film industry which creates large demand at times, and numerous colleges which bring in family visitors and prospective students.

Additionally, the cleaning costs are also elevated regionally due to the likelihood of sand being tracked into the unit. With all of these factors combined with the healthy tourism industry, purchasing real estate and short-term renting becomes an attractive item in your portfolio.

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How Wilmington Vacation Homes Can Help

Once you’ve invested in property for short-term rentals, it can be very time-consuming to maintain the unit, obtain quality short-term rental bookings, and manage the cleaning and customer service. That’s where Wilmington Vacation Homes can help.

Here at WVH, we’ve been purchasing and short-term renting properties in Wilmington for many years. We’re completely vertically aligned, with all furnishing, laundry, maintenance, cleaning, management, and customer service agents working solely for Wilmington Vacation Homes. We brought all of these services in-house to give us greater control over our rental units and yield consistently high ratings and a strong percentage of return customers.

Because we have every aspect of short-term renting streamlined internally, we’re able to offer all of these services to investors who want to start renting their units but don’t have the time to coordinate the logistics. WVH offers cleaning/stocking, management, maintenance, pest control packages, and co-hosting. We can also turn an empty home into a furnished and successful short-term rental.

Connect with us today and learn how Wilmington Vacation Homes can help you make the most of your properties.


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